Googlehertz Virchdrome

Panvirtuality Megastructure Swarm

Galaxy Simm*
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The virtual galaxy environment created by the Solipsist Panvirtuality, which was the location of the famous Meeting at Googlehertz which established the Central Alliance.


Major Panvirtuality complex based in and around the Southern Coalsack, comprising several thousand processing megastructures, which runs a large population of solipsist entities which includes one localSI:4 archailect, as well as extensive cybercosms in which they dwell. Most notably, this includes a large scale virtual model of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, an environment which has become the venue for many significant meetings, interactions and conferences between the Panvirtuality and other metamempires.

The Virchdrome is one of the few locations in Panvirt territory where ordinary modosophonts are allowed to visit and do not suffer the risk of unexpected subsumption or elimination - provided that they stay in the designated touristic zones and virches, and do not attempt to interact with anything beyond those limits.


Known since the pre-singularity age, the Southern Coalsack would only be the target of colonization in the 4800s AT. There were multiple parties that attempted to colonize the nebula, including those composed of ordinary modosophonts, but the first space vessel to reach it was a Panvirtuality reactionless drive ship. Being backed with the technologies of an unknown archailect, the minds within this ship quickly set up infrastructure and by the time Sephirotic colonists appeared there was nothing they could claim. As per the Tragadi Accords, the group of SI:2 solipsist transapients that acted in the archailect's behalf conducted the standard protocol: all would-be colonists were warned that they could not stay in the nebula. Those that heeded the warnings were sent back to the systems they came from, those that did not were not heard from since then.

By the 5000s AT, a complex of megastructures began to be built and develop. In 5237 AT, transmissions consistent with communications of at least one SI:3 transapient began to be broadcasted from the complex to other star systems. And in 5488 AT, it received its first wormhole link. By then, the Southern Coalsack complex became well known as a center of Panvirtual activity.

The name used by Sephirotic cataloguers for this complex is the 'Googlehertz Virchdrome', a semi-humorous name given by their neighbors in the Crucis Corridor. The name used by the Panvirts in this system for their own community is an apparently meaningless stream of numbers and concepts; 014996-certify-55402-complete.

Southern Coalsack
Image from Steve Bowers
The Southern Coalsack, location of the Solipsist Panvirtuality complex known variously as the Googlehertz Virchdrome or 014996-certify-55402-complete
In the early 6900s AT, an SI:4 archailect emerged as the overseer and controller of the complex. The ascension event was noticeable from afar due to the construction of multiple megastructures hosting eir mind that, when combined, has a mass equivalent to that of a Jupiter-Brain. Despite the initial fears from the stellar neighbors, the new archailect proved to be not as unfriendly and antisocial as it was thought e would be. Despite still being a solipsist and wanting nothing to do with modosophonts and SI:1 transapients, e nevertheless revealed em self to be very benevolent to sophonts at the SI:2 level and above. Consequently, e developed good relations with multiple beings at the Second Singularity and above, and as friendly archailects explain in modosophont-friendly language, the Googlehertz Vichdrome became a place for SI:2 transapients and avatars of higher entities with similar toposophic level to be sent to engage in "relevant endeavors".

Most famously, the complex was the venue for the first meeting of the Union of Virtual Aipolities which established the Central Alliance in 7210, in response to the threat of the Hyperutilization Supremacy. Since some of the sephirotic-affiliated transapients and archailects wanted to bring modosophonts and SI:1 beings with them, a compromise was reached and virches and areas for such beings were developed.
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