Central Alliance
Alliance of Sephirotic, Panvirt, Diamond, and Objectivist empires originally formed in response to the Hyperutilization Supremacy (see "Meeting at Googlehertz").

The war lasted over nine centuries, and had cost hundreds of billions of lives - ai, virtual, biont, cyborg, and vec (with most of the causalties in the first few centuries). Even after the Supremacy's defeat, the Alliance remained, shaping much of the astropolitical landscaope of the Terragen Bubble and resulting in a new era of trade and openness between the sephirotic and ahuman archailect-empires. The Alliance broke up after several quintillion subjective years (3rd toposophic dating) and billions of hyperfast virtual civilizations later, when several of the presiding archailects made an announcement that "it has served its purpose." The detailed explanation they provided (several petabytes of aioid-language text, equations, diagrams, and algorithms in a number of editions depending on the toposophic level of the readership) as justification is not comprehensible to any Mind of less than Second Singularity.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 September 2001.