Homo economicus
NoCoZo cyborg clade specialised towards business. Although mental enhancements geared towards business success had been introduced into the germline as soon as it was possible during the Information Age, the emphasis on business in NoCoZo stimulated a vast amount of research and development. Over time a number of compatible enhancements became so common that the system began to be sold as a package deal, which led to the emergence of clade Homo economicus. Beside normal intelligence amplification, attention control, and nanonic market linkups Homo economicus is equipped with a rational motivation system, which is both tuned to a library of optimal utility functions, a sense of pleasure linked to economic rather than visceral stimuli and a amendment submodule enabling motivation tuning if needed.

Homo economicus does not have a shared culture, although dedication to NoCoZo ideals is very common. There is a common symbiosis between Homo economicus, market speeders, and sentient markets, sometimes leading to business minds.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 November 2001.