Hypertech Economics
There are, in various sectors, subsets of the archailects whose sole purpose is tracking and correlating economic data. Economics thus becomes a synergistic add-on to memetics - "Gee, those doodads are expensive - must be good!" or "Gee, those doodads are expensive - gotta be overpriced!", depending on the memetic spin.

Additionally, SI:<1 also sometimes attempt to keep track of some of this information, as well as various other S-factor intellects. Unfortunately, the reduced information set that they are only able to comprehend is of little value, and in any case utterly overwhelmed by the higher S-factor intellects' more subtle grasp of the facts and situations.

This leads to small corporations being tied to the oracular pronouncements of the local power or archai, those that don't tend to be flying blind.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 19 March 2002.