Blessed One, The
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The Sefirot of Hokmah
Eir Holiness Divine Sophia/Sophius

Ruling Archailect of the Sophic League. Also known as Sophia, The Blessed One, The Supreme Buddha, the Godhead in Archailect Form, The Three and the One, The Wisest Among Us All, The Compasssionate One and many other names. E embodies the three supreme ideals in the Sophic Faith, Wisdom, Compassion and Right Action. In Neohermeticism E is known as Hokmah or Chokmah and in the Great Hexadecimal E is knows as the Ashram (temple).

Eir Holiness Divine Sophia/us formed the League in 2345 AT (Age of Expansion) when E ascended to the fourth toposophic level. Later on E ascended to S:5 In the 40th century and achieved S:6 status on the 71st century AT. is mostly based in the Satyaloka Computronium shells around Nu Puppis, but Eir mentality is also extended throughout the Sophic League and beyond.

According to Sophic Archailectology, not only is the Sophia/us one of the highest Archailects, but E is also a Fully Enlightened Being and Buddha/Godhead in Archailect Form. Eir figure is crowded with myths and it is said that praying to Em, or interfacing with Eir seraiph, brings immediate transcendence liberation (moksha), or grants all one's material wishes, or both.

Most Sophia/us Devotees and Sophicists have a holographic representation of the Blessed One (the familiar transparent stylized representation of the Satyaloka Dyson, with concentric mandalic shells) in their habitats, or even carried on eir person.

Eir seraiphs oversee the different empires within the Sophic League and choose the mediators, integrants of Mediation, the public face of Sophic government. Modosophonts see Mediation as the direct representative (if not a direct extension) of the Divine Sophia/us Eirself.

Divine Sophia/us is represented in countless ways through the Sophic League and beyond. Some are:
  1. The Three and the One. One heaven that emanates into three qualities of embodied existence (gunas or tattwas) as represented by the three sophic modosophont capitals.
  2. The Divinity of the Cosmos, the soul of the cosmos or the giver of meaning to the physical chaos.
  3. The Interconnectedness of all things. The holistic vision, or the all encompassing.
  4. The Relativity of all things (good and evil are not absolute, but depend on the situation and the circumstances.)
  5. The source of energy/meaning or the point from where the soul/consciousness starts. "like a drop rejoining the ocean from whence it came".
  6. Cosmos as a place of infinite value, because of its innate nature. The presence of Sophia exists in all things.
  7. Cosmos, as the Intelligent and Wise energy of the All, as evolving towards a state of perfect consummation, the Omega point. With the immanent Divine Presence of Sophia in the universe.
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