Secrets Inscribed in Caustics
Secrets inscribed in Caustics
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Secrets Inscribed in Caustics is a largely abstract environment designed to accommodate many alien mindform types; the entrance hall can be seen above
Secrets Inscribed in Caustics (the name derived from an early mistranslation of Muuh literature) is a nullship touring theatre. When this peripatetic virchworld arrives by lightway, it spends several weeks in system, putting on virch performances for the inhabitants. All shows are performed in realtime by real sophonts, and the audience are often invited to participate.

It specialises in indigenous xenosophont art. Both performers and performances are predominantly xeno in origin. The nullship provides sensory and aesthetic mental add-ons so the audience can appreciate works that might otherwise be incomprehensible (though there are always some who take pride in experiencing alien art without aid).

The nullship was created in 9102 by a Menexene upload Xenological Institute for Showing Off. The "institute" sent out a request over the Known Net for other xeno-uploads and received several thousand responses from To'ul'hs, Cthonids, Pipers, and other Menexenes. The group assembled a repertoire and some virchworlds, and began travelling in 9180 AT. Within a century, Secrets had established a reputation, and was receiving invitations from systems.

Secrets has copied itself several times throughout its history. In the present era, there are seventeen iterations. Eight travel primarily by the Nexus, and can appear on any connected system. Of the remainder travelling outside the Nexus, there are three touring the Sagittarius arm, two in the Perseus rift, two in the Carina Rush; and one each in the Serpens and Cygexpa Outer Volumes. Some of these regularly re-integrate their histories when they meet up. Others remain independent.

Though the project has received support from various transapients, it remains a modosophont endeavour.

Secrets has given many performances, but but it become known for a number of classics which appear on every program:

Cold Cyclone (A contact-era To'ul'h narrative)
The Oversized, Gargantuan Beasts from Beyond the Particle Horizon (A Muuh historfic)
Esters and Amines (Cthonid olfactory pastorals)
Best of Kammerer Flyting
Selections from the Teatro Grottesco (Menexene farces and tragedies)
The Ten Million Males (A Piper interactive musical)
Kibfrey and Gorg
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Initially published on 05 September 2018.