Kibfrey and Gorg
In 3132 Crestprince Kibfrey of Hummel was to marry his beloved Gorg Symte, Shareholder-Elect of Corona, a move that would have bound the inner and outer regions of the Taurus Nexus closer together by the creation of a new strong shareholder house. But during his travel to Corona a motivation modifier delivered by agents of the Natural Order infected him. They sought to prove (perhaps mostly to convince themselves) that love was more than neural patterns, that the emotional, social, economical and historical significance of the love between Kibfrey and Gorg would prevail over a mere neural change. However, the modifier totally extinguished the feelings for Gorg in Kibfrey. Although he could recall his earlier passion and love, none were kindled when he saw Gorg, who still was passionately in love with him. Being an honest and emotionally controlled man he decided that such a one-sided marriage could not be and in a wrenching announcement the marriage was cancelled. Taurus authorities, supported both by House Hummel and Corona, hunted down the Natural Order and brought them to justice; all captured order members were exiled on Benes IV (where they eventually developed into the unique if short-lived Benes Dionysian culture). The failure of marriage eventually contributed to the rise in tensions between the inner and outer regions of the Taurus Nexus, leading to the first consolidation war 130 years later.

Gorg, inconsolable over her loss, decided to join a long-range relativist colonisation venture. When they reached their destination (Perileia 76) 433 years later and opened the wormhole back, they discovered that the Nexus had vanished and their homeworld now was a part of the Dominion. After trying to close the wormhole to retain their independence (a move the Solarians had prepared for years before) the wormhole and system were seized and forced into the Dominion. Gorg was killed in the incident, and the tragic story later re-told by the great Metasoft poet and propagandist Enrastered Link Connection during the slow buildup to the Version War in the form of the microepic Kibfrey and Gorg.
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    Bioist/mysticist sect during the early consolidation era that espoused dualism and the idea that aioids lacked inner experience. Although active in most of the Inner Sphere, they were especially active within the Taurus Nexus, Conver Ambi and Sophic League. Some evidence suggest that they were supported by Conver Ambi and Dominion intelligence agencies. They are most well known for their involvement in the Kibfrey and Gorg affair.
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    Middle Regions solar system, originally claimed by the Taurus Nexus, visited by Gorg as part of a a long-range relativist colonization venture. Captured by the Dominion following the breakup of the Nexus, in turn captured by Metasoft drones during the Version War, currently a Metasoft system. There is a monument and museum dedicated to the tragic story of Kibfrey and Gorg, and the system is part of the Kibfrey and Gorg Pilgrimage circuit.
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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 16 November 2000.