Image from Steve Bowers
Feral balloonbots in the atmosphere of Eganfodugbe
Name: JD 11425510
Type: K3V
Luminosity: 0.2 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 262 ly
Gal xyz: -140, 215, -60

Name: Eganfodugbe
Type: EuJovian Diameter: 128898 km

Eganfodugbe was the target of a long-range autonomous probe sent in the Early Federation era. This probe was a sentient-grade neumann-capable model intended to create a fleet of autonomous bubblehabs from the material in the atmosphere of the target world. However the colonists who were intended to be the inhabitants of these habitats did not arrive, since they chose another target closer to the Inner Sphere. The sentient-grade probe copied its own mind into the processing substrate of each of the habs, and went feral; by the time Expansionist explorers reached here in 2640 AT the bubblehabs had developed an idiosyncratic society of their own. The discoverers named this world Eganfodugbe, (wild balloons), in their native Yoruba-related tongue.

Feral botworld evolved from autonomous bubblehabs

Image from Steve Bowers
Eganfodugbe and two of its moons

Many other botworlds have arisen since as a result of unsupervised bubblehab reproduction. Some can be 'tamed' and others cannot. This has led to some strict laws regarding bubblehab design and supervision in most parts of the Civilized Galaxy.

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Initially published on 19 May 2017.