Tohul Fauna

Complex lifeforms found on Tohul

To'ul'h fauna
Image from Andrew P.

Tohul is a hot terrestrial world with a dense wet atmosphere which supports a relatively rich biota. Multicelluar creatures can be found in the photic zone at the top of the atmosphere, grazing on the skyplankton; also in the lower, dense atmosphere feeding on detritus, saprophytes and chemotrophs. Surface creatures and subsurface creatures are also common, except in the central cyclone belt.

To'ul'h fauna 1
Image from Andrew P.

To'ul'h fauna 2
Image from Andrew P.

To'ul'h fauna 3
Image from Andrew P.

Image from Andrew P.
A Shur'rooss'hur, surface dwelling detritus feeder used as a beast of burden by the To'ul'hs

To'ul'hs on the surface of their home planet
Image from Luke Campbell
To'ul'hs, the only sophont species on this world, illuminated by a brief lightning flash; note that the surface of the planet receives very little direct light.

Size Comparison of Tohul Ground Fauna

Groundfauna size comparison
Image from Andrew P.

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