Spockbat nightvision
Image from Andrew P.
Tou'ul'h Prime is very dark at the surface, due to the density of its atmosphere and thick cloud cover. Here a Spockbat is imaged using nightvision technology
Image from Andrew P.
Flying predator on To'ul'h Prime

The H'shass'thee is a terrestrial (near-ground) flying predator on To'ul'h Prime, resembling a cross between a stingray, bat and a To'ul'h. There are several closely related species. Terragen visitors to this world have given them the common name of 'Spockbats' because of the pointed "ears" that resemble those of a character from an Old Earth flat TV show.

This creature is a member of the Hyperthermophile superkingdom of that world, and is adapted to the hot depths of the atmosphere near the surface, where the temperature is 135 celsius and pressure is around 63 times as dense as Earth's. Spockbats are part of the Hyperthermophile animal kingdom, and are in the class of tetraradial tetrapod vertebrates, as are the To'ul'hs themselves. More details of To'ul'h phylogeny here.

The orange antennae prominent at the anterior end are sense organs developed from the olfactory folds common to most of this class, including To'ul'hs. The rear legs of the H'shass'thee are flattened into clawed flaps that double as airfoils and grasping "feet". Twin spines to either side of tail prevent rear attack (in some species these are venomous).

The specimen shown above is female; the slits under wing are the reproductive openings, one on each side.

Groundfauna size comparison
Image from Andrew P.

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