Sagan Drift, The

The Sagan Drift
Image from Steve Bowers
Some of the larger skyfauna which thrive in the atmosphere of To'ul'h Prime

An extensive clear-atmosphere band in the upper atmosphere of To'ul'h Prime in the early 3800s AT. This stable rift in the clouds, at about the 15 bar pressure level, was the site of an extensive scientific mission by the renowned MPA exploration agent, Fortunate Cloud. From here, e catalogued the rich ecosystem of this world. The Drift is also the site of first discovery of the To'ul'h, the first sophont, technologically adept alien clade to be found by the expanding Terragen civilizations.

The Drift is named in honor of the first century astronomer Carl Sagan, whom (along with Edwin Salpeter) first imagined what a windborne jovian ecosystem might look like. Although To'ul'h Prime is closer to venusian than jovian conditions, the 'sinkers, floaters, and hunters' found in the upper atmosphere bore striking resemblance to the scientists' speculation.

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Development Notes
Text by Bill Ernoehazy
Initially published on 04 November 2013.

Formerly featured as part of the Extropian Core in Second Life.