Autonomous Explosive Delivery System (Boombot)

Explosive robot carrying an ACER round or similar miniature warhead

Image from Steve Bowers
A burrowing boombot disguised as a soil-management robomole
Compact robotic systems designed to operate in a combat theater for an extended period until they can deliver their payload to a designated target.

Developed almost immediately after the invention of the ACER round, and termed a 'boombot' shortly thereafter, AEDS are small robotic systems designed to covertly deliver an ACER round to its target. Boombots come in a variety of sizes, from Synsect size to that of a large bird or medium sized animal. Often they may be disguised as a biological lifeform or even be incorporated into a biological carrier, either via surgical insertion or as part of bioforge synthesis.

Depending on their design, boombots may crawl, swim, fly, or even tunnel to their target. They can lay dormant almost indefinitely or use local materials (inorganic or organic) to replenish and renew themselves as required. There are confirmed reports of viable boombots being discovered centuries after the end of the conflict in which they were deployed. For this reason, they are considered to be nearly in the same class of unethical combat strategies as Spores.

Despite being officially banned by most polities in the Civilized Galaxy, boombots have had a way of turning up in various conflicts (and assassinations) throughout history and are known to be widely used in the Outer Volumes and Periphery as well as the less civilized portions of the Hinterregions.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 03 September 2013.