Amat Flechettes

antimatter weapon hazard
Image from nitelife1994
Antimatter Weapons Hazard Warning Symbol

Anti-matter micro-flechettes, used in space combat.

Needle size projectiles rapidly fired magnetically from a launcher at rates up to machine gun levels. Each contains a gram of antimatter (equivalent to 20 tons of rocket fuel in energy). The flechette is fired at extreme velocity sufficient to drive it into the target for a short distance on impact. In addition a small portion of the AM payload is configured to combine with the front portion of the flechette thereby converting it to a shaped high energy plasma sufficient to vaporize a small quantity of the target and clear a path for the bulk of the incoming AM. On impact the antimatter payload in the flechette combines with the normal matter of the target it is by now embedded into and produces a damaging explosion and radiation flash.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 16 December 2001.