Amat Farm

Amat Farm
Image from Steve Bowers
An amat farm consists of large fields of solar power collectors near a star, powering a multicollider which produces extremely energetic collisions. Several such fields are included in an amat farm, some producing antiprotons, some producing positrons

Amat farms (antimatter farms) consist of large banks of solar power collectors which power multicolliders optimally designed to produce antiparticles. The vast showers of collision products which result are sorted magnetically; antimatter particles and other useful species are collected, cooled and held in electric/magnetic traps.

The first amat farms were established in 332 orbiting Sol just outside the orbit of Mercury, known collectively as the Circumsol ring. Several power corporations were involved in this effort, including the Look Outwards Combine, Jerusalem Macrotech and General Dynamics Corporation. In 524 the Jerusalem Macrotech station B4 was destroyed during an unsuccessful raid by Space Cowboys.

Amat fields designed to produce anti-protons are typically 100km or more in diameter; fields which produce positrons are considerably smaller. The antiprotons and positrons are usually combined into anti-hydrogen and frozen for easier storage.

Amat farm multicollider
Image from Steve Bowers
A multicollider producing antiprotons- two counterotating streams of protons collide at several points around the ring, at energies which favour the production of antiprotons

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Initially published on 10 September 2001.


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