Cygnus OB2-12

Massive, brilliant young star in Cygnus

Cygnus OB2-12
Image from Steve Bowers
The energy required for starlifting is extracted from the stars' light by a toroidal swarm of satellites in mutually inclined orbits; the energy is used to magnetically constrain the star so that it expels matter from the poles. By removing the outer layers the pressure on the core is relieved,extending this star's life.
Star Cygnus OB2-12
Type Blue Hypergiant

Luminosity 1,900,000 x Sol
Radius 240 x Sol
Mass 110 x Sol
Distance from Sol 5102 ly

Companion Cygnus OB2-12
Type B white giant
Luminosity 10 x Sol
Distance from Cygnus OB2-12 47 AU


In common with several other stars in the Cygnus OB2 association, a very active star-formation site hidden behind the Northern Coalsack as seen from the Inner Sphere, the region around the brilliant blue hypergiant star Cygnus OB2-12 has been colonised by the Solipsist Panvirtuality. The Panvirts are busy setting up a starlifting system which should be capable of prolonging this star's life for an arbitrary period.

Although long-distance exploration probes were sent by Cygexpa at an early date, the Panvirt probes arrived first; by mutual agreement the provisions of the Tragadi Accords were followed, and thus C OB2-12 and others stars, including the multiple star C OB2-8, were assigned to the Solipsist empire in 9010 AT.

Since that time these brilliant stars (which are easily visible to any observer on the far side of the Cygnus/Aquila Rift) have been closely observed by specialists in Panvirtuality politics and current affairs. In 10201 an apparent conflict briefly broke out between the swarm of artificial objects surrounding this star and that surrounding C OB2-8, and in both swarms emitting surfaces were consistently aligned so as to focus upon each other. To all appearances the two swarms, separated by thirty light years, were preparing to fire Nicoll-Dyson beams at each other.

Before this could happen the swarms around each star were suddenly disrupted, and several collisions occurred causing a cloud of debris to form in stellar orbit. When adjusted for proper motion and light travel time these disruptions occurred in both stars more-or-less simultaneously (insofar as that concept has any meaning).

Since that time relations between the two Panvirt systems seem to have improved; observers suspect that an unknown high toposophic entity intervened in this conflict for some reason, perhaps to prevent the brilliant hypergiant from being used as a weapon. Which entity was responsible remains a mystery- the closest high archailect, Lohengrin, refuses to answer questions on this subject, but has never been known to act in such a way before. Some commentators suspect that the Meistersingers may have been involved, and there are a small number of Muuh System of Response entities present in this cluster as well.

The upper limit of the abilities of these xenosophont entities is not clearly known, and if indeed one of these parties were responsible for this intervention, then they may represent a greater threat to the stability of the Terragen Sphere than previously suspected. On the other hand this intervention could be interpreted as entirely benign.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 06 March 2012.