Pax Archailectica
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Pax Archailectica ("The Archailect Peace") is a phrase applied to the historical concept of a long period of stability and peace experienced between the Sephirotic Empires. While there have been significant wars in the Terragen Sphere during this time, rarely have these wars been between or within the Sephirotics. Instead, they have predominantly been defensive wars between portions of the Sephirotic powers and hostile external forces. Specific examples include the Oracle War involving parts of the Diamond Network (Ahuman Empire) in conflict with the MPA (Sephirotic Empire) and the ongoing action against the Amalgamation (Nonaligned) by the PADO (Sephirotic Empire).

Most scholars agree the Pax Archailectica began with the conclusion of the Version War in 4653 and has continued into the modern day. The period coincides with the establishment of economic, political, and social hegemony by archailects of the fifth toposophic following a series of wars (The Consolidation Wars, the Conver Wars and the Version War). During the Pax Archailectica the death rate from war has been several orders of magnitude lower than any prior period of Terragen history.
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Initially published on 15 December 2011.