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(as used here) generic term for any sophont of a non-biological nature [noun]

Artificials- Data Panel

DefinitionCategory consisting of all created or manufactured inorganic sapients
Toposophic Levelsapient and above
Categoriesvery varied category including vecs, bots, neumanns, synthetic humans, sentient ships, sapient structures, uploads and assorted aioids
OriginTerragen, Xenosophont
Distributionfound in The Sephirotics, Perseus Princes, the Deeper Covenant, the Objectivist Commonwealth, the Shadow Federation and among several xenosophont empires, as well as in most regions outside the civilizations
Est. Populationabout 1300 trillion in the Sephirotic polities alone, more beyond.
Legal StatusAll are in theory allowed full sentient rights throughout the civilized galaxy. In practice this differs, especially for beings who are owned by transapients or above that do not conform to the standards of the Civilized Galaxy
Environmental RequirementsGenerally broad tolerance to temperature, atmosphere etc, but may be susceptible to damage by hard radiation, corrosive atmospheres (oxygen, chlorine, etc) and (in the case of electronic circuitry) EMP pulse and HERF
Bodyinorganic / mechanical / nanocollective / software
Subjective experience of timegenerally fast to very fast, although many artificials can volitionally switch between slow and fast to communicate with bionts, or may deactivate for prolonged periods at will

The term 'Artificial' was coined early in the Interplanetary age to describe robots of any description, but particularly those with a vaguely humanoid form. Later the term was extended to cover any intelligent, non-biont entity. The term and various derivatives is still widely used in various languages in the Anglic family, particularly amongst biochauvinist movements of various kinds.

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