Ross 614

Twin Matrioshka Brains around a binary red dwarf near Sol

Ross 614
Image from Steve Bowers
The oldest colony founded by the '.....'Spores

Ross 614 A+B
Distance from Sol: 13.3 ly (2000 epoch)
Galactic xyz (ly)-11.21, -7.351, -1.326
Type: Both stars are dim class M stars
Period: 16.6 years
Semimajor Axis: 3.850 A.U.s
Eccentricity: 0.38
Colonised Approximately 750 AT

The binary red dwarf star Ross 614 was appropriated early in the post-Technocalypse era by non-human aioids, and was long believed to be part of the a-human Diamond Belt. As such it was declared a forbidden system during the First Federation era and little contact was made for many millennia. The dividual aioid entities known as '.....' spores have since revealed that ey own this system, one of the closest to Sol.

This system is currently being converted into twin matrioshka brains and is now sometimes known as Sporehome. The entity residing within this twin megastructure is believed by historians to have ascended from one of the first generations of '.....'spores, and has a calculated toposophic grade of S5.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 18 March 2010.