Quasa'an Dynasty
Mandra Quinsi 2
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The canal-covered Mars-like world of Mandra Quin'Si
Until the Battle of the Fringe, the Quasa'an Dynasty ruled with absolute power over the hu-dominated world of Mandra QuinSi for centuries, during the period of 1610-2446 AT.

Renowned for ruthlessness and cruelty, the Quasa'an Dynasty was perhaps best characterized by its tyrannical ruler, Terrorlord Ernst Savro, of Clade Blofeld, (who named himself after an ancient legendary villain). Savro raised terror to an artform, and who thrived on the pain, suffering, and death of his unfortunate victims.

The Terrorlords came to power in a gruesome coup that now lives in Mandra Quin'Si legend as the Coup of Nine Devils. Thus began the reign of the Quasa'an Dynasty.

Terrorlord Savro, who came to power during the Pedisto Gambit hiatus, immediately set about systematically and methodically eliminating his former allies, effectively consolidating his iron grip on power and imposing his will upon the population of Mandra Quin'Si in 2195.

In his work titled, "Braxis Dominus: The Path to Power," Mandra historian Therios Findal detailed the origins of the Coup of Nine Devils, providing one of the finer insights into both the coup, itself, as well as the figures who made it possible.

Other suggested studies for the interested scholar are "Stainless Mercy: A Thesis on the Neutrality of Murder," a collaborative effort authored by the faculty of Hor'tunzz University on the splice world Ghonus, "Terroralysis" authored by the renown Jarthorruh brothers of Stanus IX, and the newer, but lesser known work titled, "Phobocracy: The Coming of the Nine," whose author, Dr. Stilvarian Merachus, is better known for his contemporary fiction series, "Along Came a Splicer."
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Initially published on 29 January 2002.