Battle of the Fringe
The climactic battle between the military forces of the Quasa'an Dynasty and the Tsutari Ambastory, which resulted in the collapse of the Quasa'an Dynasty in the year 2446, and brought an end to centuries of cruel dictatorships on the planet Mandra QuinSi by a series of sadistic rulers known as the Terrorlords.

The battle is so called after The Fringe, a series of asteroid belts in the Mandra Quin'Si system. The direct military intervention by the Taii Theocracy, a po-led confederation of religious-oriented worlds, on the side of the Tsutari Ambastory, led to fierce fighting for the strategic belts. When it was over the Quasa'an Dynasty had lost not only the best part of its Fleet, but also most of its industrial facilities and resource base, and the Terrorlords' reign was soon over.
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Development Notes
Text by Charles Mosteller
M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.