Mukerilis Bis
Monastic settlement on Torom, settled by monks from the Novcatholic Ekumenikon during the colonisation of the system.

Mukerilis Bis also acted as the main source of cometary ice in the system. As the terrorlords took power on Mandra Quin'Si they helped a number of refugees to escape, earning them the enmity of the rulers. Instead of attacking Mukerilis Bis directly, the planetoid was embargoed with antimatter mines and the self-sufficiency of its systems damaged using orbital bombardments. Over the following centuries the rulers of Mandra Quin'Si forced the settlement to trade vital equipment for volatiles but would only accept water in the form of human blood. The inhabitants had to continually donate blood to meet the water quotas or die due to lifesystem dysfunction. When eventually the situation on the planetoid became known, it incensed several other Ekumenikons and the public on several worlds, leading to the formation of the Tsutari Ambastory. After the battle of the Fringe Mukerilis Bis was freed, and the settlement became known as the Nostro Pellicano Covenant. It became a major pilgrimage location for baseline churches and a symbol for human tenacity in the face of overwhelming adversity. It joined the Sophic League in 2758.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 December 2001.