Luyten's Star (Gliese 273)

Red dwarf star near Sol, colonized by Ako Forward Chaining.

Luyten's star.
Image from Steve Bowers
Luyten's Star, Eratis, Miril, Reonon, Grabul

Luyten - Data Panel

- Distance from Procyon: 1.124 ly (J2000), 2.433 ly (10600 AT)
- Distance from Sol: 12.402 ly (J2000), 13.260 ly (10600 AT)
- Constellation: Canis Minor
Reached: 998 by Ako Forward Chaining.
StarNames: Luyten's Star (Luyten), Gliese 273 (GJ 273), HIP 36208
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.26 x Sol
- Radius: 0.35 x Sol
- Spectral type: M3.5 V
- Luminosity: 0.011 x Sol (bolometric)
- Temperature: 3,150 Kelvin
- Rotation period: 115.6 days
- Age: 8 billion years

Planetary system

EratisOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 5,455,000 km (0.036 AU)
- Orbital period: 4.723 days
- Eccentricity: 0.17
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Videntian Sulfolian Ydratian Aqua-Cytherean
- Mass: 7.047E+24 kg (1.18 Earths)
- Radius: 7,159.3 km
- Density: 4,585 kg/m^3
- Mean surface acceleration: 9.176 m/s^2 (0.935 g)
- Rotation period: Tidally-locked
- Albedo: 0.227
- Average temperature (1 bar): 800 K
MirilOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 13,628,000 km (0.091 AU)
- Orbital period: 18.650 days
- Eccentricity: 0.10
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Videntian Hydronian Ydratian Aqua-Cytherean
- Mass: 1.726E+25 kg (2.89 x Earth)
- Radius: 9,253.1 km
- Density: 5,201 kg/m^3
- Mean surface acceleration: 13.454 m/s^2 (1.371 g)
- Rotation period: Tidally-locked
- Albedo: 0.385
- Average temperature (1 bar): 294 K
ReononOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 106,514,000 km (0.712 AU)
- Orbital period: 413.9 days
- Eccentricity: 0.17
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Ammo-Neptunian
- Mass: 6.450E+25 kg (10.8 x Earth)
- Radius: 19,467.6 km
- Density: 2,087 kg/m^3
- Mean surface acceleration: 11.359 m/s^2 (1.158 g)
- Rotation period: 54,544 s (15.151 hr)
- Albedo: 0.388
- Average temperature (1 bar): 134 K
GrabulOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 127,009,000 km (0.849 AU)
- Orbital period: 542 days
- Eccentricity: 0.03
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Ammo-Neptunian
- Mass: 5.554E+25 kg (9.3 x Earth)
- Radius: 20,114.4 km
- Density: 1,629 kg/m^3
- Mean surface acceleration: 9.162 m/s^2 (0.934 g)
- Rotation period: 65,178 s (18.105 hr)
- Albedo: 0.349
- Average temperature (1 bar): 122 K


Luyten is a red dwarf star near Procyon. Due to its proximity (1.159 light-years at the time of its colonization in 998 AT), it was selected as a backup node for Ako Forward Chaining, an AI grouping that occupied the Procyon system from 500 to 7555 AT. The Luyten system contains several planets, which under Ako Forward Chaining were efficiently utilized. Many objects in the asteroid belt between Miril and Reonon were reconfigured into the Luyten's Star ISO. The energy-rich upper mantles of Eratis and Miril were converted into computronium banks for virtual civilizations. Reonon and Grabul, both cool Neptunian worlds, were mined to fuel orbital constructions in their environs, and the planets themselves housed more than a few transapients.

Beginning in the Age of Expansion and throughout its seven millennia-long history as an ahuman-controlled system, Luyten was attacked several times by modosophont hu supremicist groups seeking to 'liberate' the system. All of these assaults were easily defeated by the local hyperturings. One of the more well known attempts was a multi-pronged onslaught by a radical militant group known as 'The Fist of Man', which began during the dawn of the sixth millennium with the goal of capturing several Luyten worlds. However, the FoM failed to take over any of their target worlds and were quickly driven back into interstellar space in a humiliating rout. Nevertheless, their attempt evoked positive responses from other like-minded groups.

It seemed that Luyten was destined to be an ahuman system forever. However, this expectation was proven wrong with the arrival of the news of the Procyon Phenomenon. As with its mother civilization, Luyten's entire population mysteriously vanished shortly after receiving light from the Phenomenon. The now-empty system was quickly claimed by Cyberian Network settlers from Procyon, then the NoCoZo megacorps, and like Procyon the system was split between the two empires. In the end, two out of three Ako Forward Chaining systems were successfully reclaimed. The third, Midnight Pearl, is still protected by automatic defense systems which, even after the disappearance of their masters, are still vigilantly guarding their empty home. Today, the Luyten system is mainly accessible via the Lightways and Beamrider Network, and is popular among thrill-seekers for the very same reason as Procyon.

Another survivor of the Ako Forward Chaining is the Procyon Extension, a breakaway group that left Luyten in 7541 AT and established a daughter empire around YTS 213 015 2, 470 light-years from Sol. This faction is still extant in the Current Era, but does not appear to interact with either Procyon or Luyten.
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Text by The Astronomer (June 2021)
Dangerous Safety; from an original short article by Mark Ryherd
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Additional Information
Eratis, Miril, Reonon and Grabul represent real world exoplanets Luyten's Star c, b, d, and e, respectively.