Luyten's Star

Luyten's star
Image from Steve Bowers
Sol can be easily seen from the Luyten's Star system

Red dwarf star in the constellation of Canis Minor. Its closest neighbour is Procyon, 0.34 pc or 1.11 ly away.

The uninhabited Luyten's Star system (GJ 273), a M3.5 V, 12.4 light-years from Sol was ideal for building a backup node for the AI grouping known as Ako Forward Chaining from Procyon.

This system was devoid of any planets or major asteroids, and was relatively poor in energy and raw material. These properties made the system ill suited to sustain hu colonization and the proximity to Procyon made it easily defendable. Eventually the Luyten's star ISO would go on to be known as the Procyon Extension, considered one of the oldest of the Diamond Network empires.
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Text by Mark Ryherd
Initially published on 23 June 2009.