Procyon Extension, The

Middle Regions Diamond Network empire

Image from Bernd Helfert

In 7541 an expansionist faction of Ako Forward Chaining from the Luyten's star ISO Procyon Extension split off and migrated to YTS 213 015 2, an uncolonised red dwarf 470 light years from Sol in Canis Minor, arriving in 8309. The Extension have since occupied several other red dwarfs and brown dwarfs in this volume.

After the relocation, the Procyon Extension broke off all links with the Procyon and Luyten's Star systems. There is some speculation that this migration of moderates destabilized the internal administrative ontology of the Ako Forward Chaining and led directly to the Procyon Phenomenon.

The Extension are typified by a more moderate stance towards other sophonts than most Network factions, having good relations with many of the sephirotic ais, but bionts and vecs are advised to avoid unecessary contact.

Hazard Rating for AIs 1.7
Hazard Rating for vecs 3.8
Hazard Rating for bionts 6.9

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
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Initially published on 07 April 2013.