Chaihuea-Eridani system
Chaihuea-Eridani system
Image from Aaron Hamilton
Chaihuea-Eridani system
Red dwarf system near Sol: former member of the Eridanus league.

A colony founded by the Terranova Foundation from 82 Eridani-II for commercial reasons. A hidden Taoist space colony (the Greater Way) was found already in orbit around the ice moon Chai-Eridani II-F but these recluses did not attempt to make any claims to the system and were left alone. The origin of that colony and its date of establishment have never been pinned down. The corporate colony decided to go for League membership rather than remain tied to 82 Eridani, but was never able to generate enough trade to become truly prosperous.
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Text by Aaron Hamilton
Initially published on 31 July 2000.