Kang 021 system
Kang 021 system
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Kang 021 System

Star GL 832
Kang 021 I Superterrestrial 5x mass Earth 0.162 AU
Kang 021 II Ionian type 0.1x mass Earth 0.4 AU
Kang 021 III Cryojovian 0.6 x mass Jupiter 3.4 AU

Founded by a splinter group of FalunDafa colonists via GAIA Ark in 828AT, Kang-021 was always on the edge of collapse due to the inability to manufacture vital heavy machinery. Their heretical zeal had mellowed with hardships by the time the broadcast of the Charter reached them, and their request for an ambassador-judge and supplies was answered by E Eridani.

On the second planet, a volcanic sulfur world more treacherous than Io (Sol V-E), lived the genetically-modified colonists who found the greatest benefits in League trade relations and support. Resources from the mineral-stocked Kang-021 system enriched the nearby League worlds but led to conflicts with First Federation worlds Delta Pavonis and Eta Cassiopeia over League tariffs and trade.
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Initially published on 31 July 2000.