40 Eridani

Shadows (40 eridani)
Image from Steve Bowers
Shadows, a small gas giant orbiting 40 Eridani A, and its moon Orson

40 Eridani, a Triple Star System (Keid A, Keid B and Keid C, and the world Twilight)

System40 Eridani, also known as Keid, or the Twilight System)
PrimaryKeid A, also known as 40 Eridani A, Omicron2 Eridani A
Stellar TypeK1V
Luminosity0.365 x Sol
Location16.4 ly from Sol, constellation Eridanus
CompanionsKeid B: White dwarf, luminosity 0.004 x Sol, orbits 400 AU from Keid A
Keid C: Red dwarf, luminosity 0.0007 x Sol, orbits 35 AU from Keid B
PlanetsTwilight (formerly Dawn, 40 Eridani I) Vesperian class (tidally locked) world, with small indigenous biosphere, now partially terraformed. Diameter 14,470km: Orbit 0.521 AU
Umbra (formerly 40 Eridani II) Planetoid class. Diameter 2090km: Orbit 1.42 AU
Shadows (formerly 40 Eridani III) Jovian Class. Diameter 10800km: Orbit 3.51 AU
AffiliationTwilight Former member of Eridanus League, now NoCoZo
Keid B and C have major Sephirotic Intelligent Super Object (ISO) installations in orbit around them, affiliated to the NoCoZo and the Communion of Worlds
WormholesGilgamesh, to Epsilon Eridani

Image from Steve Bowers
The three stars of 40 Eridani, as seen from near Keid C; Bottom, Keid A, Centre the white dwarf Keid B, Top, the small red dwarf , Keid C

The initial Technocalypse-refugee colony died out before the arrival of the second wave of colonists at 40 Eri A-I. At first they called this tidally-locked world 'Dawn', but over time they changed the planet's name to Twilight.

The TakiCo. leaders joined the Eridanus League soon after they received the famous Charter Transmission. They became very pro-League and only a few fringe threshold bases on the planet dissented from continued League membership. Etodist, Mondecumen, and FalunDafa missionaries were not as successful here as on other League worlds due to the prevalence of animist beliefs.

Twilight, which already had a limited xenoecology when discovered, became an important inner sphere world after the fall of the Eridanus League.

See also the separate article on this planet here.

Twilight 40 eridani map
Image from Aaron Hamilton
The original Eridanus League map of the 40 Eridani system, before planetary names were assigned.
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