Mykropht III

Life-bearing world near a neutron star

Image from Steve Bowers
Mykropht III is illuminated by the local stars; a K-class orange dwarf and a neutron star.

Stars: Mykropht B (RX J1856.5-3754) a neutron star, and Mykropht A, a K-type orange dwarf
Distance from Sol: 412 ly
Constellation: Corona Australis

Name: Mykropht III
Diameter: 6099 km
Colonised: 3019 AT

A life-bearing world with a naturally-occurring radiation-tolerant ecology.

Mykropht III is a highly irradiated terrestrial life-bearing world, with a nitrogen/oxygen/NOX atmosphere and naturally-occurring radiation-tolerant microbiota. This world is subjected to the intense UV and X-ray radiation from the neutron star Mykropht B, and also illuminated by its companion, a K-class orange dwarf. The native microbiota include Xenobacter mirabilis, a hardy species of pseudo-bacterium that quickly repairs any damage to its genetic material caused by radiation.

The planet has been colonised by the Radiation Nation, radiation-resistant human-derived bionts. The surface has been divided into segments, some of which hold the original microbial biota, while others hold complex biospheres gengineered using symbiotic DNA repair systems derived from Xenobacter, or from resistant Earth species such as Deinococcus radiodurans.

The biota produced on Mykropht III and the symbiotic repair systems developed here have been used widely across the Terragen Sphere by the Radiation Nation and by many of their client species.

In the Current Era the neutron star Mykropht B has become a centre for advanced research into high-energy physics, mostly but not exclusively under the supervision of transapients who were once themselves members of the Radiation Nation.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
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