Transcension of Andapuyaran
Transcension of Andapuyaran
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The fifteenth module of the famous Anandayanna Nirvana, which tells of the transcension of the Anandayannas, and has recently become a popular didactic tale in some Sophic League polities.

In the decades that followed the Anandayannas-Uvartarasha War, Drhayrasha, one of the the noblest of the Anandayannas who was responsible for several strategic victories, along with eir entourage of remotes and subminds, disappeared totally from society, to live a life of asceticism in a orwood ashram retreat and transcended into nirvana with yogic calm when the habitat section e was in was disassembled and recycled as part of a routine maintenance overhaul.

The avatar of Valusaban transcended and merged with eir high toposophic mind thirty-six years after the war.

When they learned of Valuban's transcension and Drhayrasha's moksha, the remaining Anandayannas decided it was time for them to transcend too and they embarked upon the "Great Voyage" which involved various augments and godseeds and travel through the Sophic nexus. One by one the Anandayannas transcended until only the most charsimatic and popular of the clade, Anabapuyaran, remained, along a low class splice that had accompanied em all the way.

In a small and sparsely equipped shuttle, Anabapuyaran made for Satyaloka. Arriving at a Satyaloka wormhole terminus e refused the wormhole ai's order to drive the splice back, at which point the splice was revealed to be an avatar of the Mind Valenvarma (who created Anabapuyaran's actual genome), who was there to test Anabapuyaran's suitability for transcension and merger with a high toposophic Sophic Mind.

Once in the ISO Anabapuyaran faced one final test of eir suitability: He saw only the Uvartarasha clade in heaven, and he was told that the other Anandayannas had been rerouted when transcending and slaved by a panvirt ai. E insisted on joining his brothers as slaved processors, if that were the case. It was then revealed that they were really part of the Satyaloka ISOs, that this illusion had been one final test for him, and his toposophic level was raised and he merged with the others in the Blessed One's archailect nodes.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 17 March 2003.