Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War
Mudaru Orbital during the Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War
Image from Steve Bowers">The Battle of Mudaru Orbital
Image from Steve Bowers
The Battle of Mudaru Orbital during the Anandayanna-Uvartarasha War
Central Alliance period war fought between two factions (one subverted by the Hyperutilization Supremacy) for the control of Kuranaba.

In 7941 the su-borg Uvartarasha of Kuranaba (Sophic League), was infected by a Hyperutilization Supremacy relativistic seed-node which e inadvertently recovered during a Kupier mining expedition. In the years and decades that followed the now perverted Uvartarasha was able to establish emself and eir clone-siblings throughout the Kuranaba polities.

Although the Seven Anandayannas had ruled for centuries, they were undermined by the Uvartarasha clade, who manipulated the public love of games of chance. Uvartarasha Eighteen used this to take advantage of the most charismatic and popular Anandayannas, Anabapuyaran in a game of quantum chance: Using a forbidden godtech artifact to rig the game, the Uvartarasha won. The Anandayannas not only lost control of the polity but as a condition of the game were banished to the system's Oort Cloud for twenty years. The Anandayannas fulfilled their part of the bargain, but upon returning found the Uvartarashas firmly in control of the polity and narrowly escaped execution when they protested.

With the help of a seraiph-remote of Valusaban, the Anandayannas managed to escape in a relativistic ship, and arrived at the neighbouring Ashramic system of Puysha-Para 25 years later, where they raised the alarm and over the following years gathered a relativistic fleet.

In 8385 the resulting war back at Kuranaba between the Anandayanna's fleet along with Valusaban (fighting a desperate battle to preserve the integrity of eir nodes from Hyperutilization subversion) and the Uvartarasha defenders (who by now had subverted the entire system, apart from a few reclusive hider clades out in the Oort belt) was the most destructive the area (which had been unaffected by the Version War) had seen. Tens of millions of lives were lost (including backups) and entire orbitals destroyed. The war culminated in the battle for the strategic and heavily defended 500 km Mudaru Orbital, a major shipyard and staging post where the now completely Supremacyised Uvartarasha (who no longer looked remotely suborg) had eir center of operations.

The Anandayanna's and their allies won the fifty minute battle, but so many casualties were suffered on both sides that the victory seemed hollow to all except those who were able to understand things on a higher toposophic level.

Not only had the Anandayannas been forced to kill the four hyperturings who were like parents to them (all four were commanders of the Uvartarasha-Hyperutilisation side during the war and were according to Valusaban irreparably infected by the Supremacy), but this was accomplished only through memetic trickery, most of which were suggested by the Valusaban Avatar as absolutely required by the circumstances, but which to the Anandayannas seem no better than the antics of the Supremacy.

The ethical gaps were not resolved to the satisfaction of many modosophonts or low transapient in this volume and for decades and centuries the aftermath of the war was dominated by a sense of horror and malaise that only slowly faded.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 17 March 2003.