Muuhome Political
Image from Enrique Lescure
A map of the polities on Muuhome
An organized society; a sovereign state or quasistate; a country or city-state; a world, habitat, megastructure, or group of worlds, which share some form of politico-social organization.

Polities are sovereign states, the building blocks of the political landscape whether locally or interstellar. Polities range greatly in size, nature, government, and economic, military, or memetic influence. The biggest polities are merged into or subsumed under the Sephirotics, and these are ruled by the Archailects, either directly of through a complex hierarchy of lesser archai and transapients or other agents and avatars. Other polities however are autonomous, and even when they are in the proximity of a god, or orientated around the worship of that god, they still retain their principles of independence.

There are also locally independent but heavily archailect-supervised regions such as Caretaker worlds, where rule is by direct archailectocracy and modosophonts have no true freedom of action.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 02 September 2001.