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StarZeta Legati.
LocationSerpens Region, 88 light years from Skiiws'nnii Star Zeta Legati- TYC 1024-2920-1

Superficially similar to, but more benign and less aggressively expansionist than the Efficiency Maximisation Paradigm, the Eternalist civilisation is one of an increasing number of upload-type civilisations that employ implanted nanotech devices into the brain that enable immortality via uploading.

The Eternalists do not use any kind of medical life extension technology; they age and grow old at a rate very similar to any other human baseline population. Compared to most nearbaseline human populations in the modern era, these people are relatively short-lived. However, when they die, implants upload the neural pattern into a worldwide information network. The uploaded minds can then continue living in the network or download into newly grown bodies.

The Eternalists have recently begun developing asteroid to moon sized computer nodes. Apparently the Eternalists are largely run by major AI systems that appear to "feed" on the constant stream of biont lives. So far they have not shown any interest in expanding beyond the boundaries of their local system.

The Eternalists appear to be descended from a group of cyborg malcontents that left the Inner Sphere during the early Age of Consolidation.

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Text by Anders Sandberg and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 15 December 2001.