Dry Empire, The
Informal name for the coalition of aioids expanding out of the Inner Sphere that do not participate in the affairs of the bionts. The Dry Empire originated with the earliest pure ai colonisation during the Interplanetary Age, but became a more coherent force during the Age of Expansion when a number of the aioid clades began to communicate with each other and the more pro-bioid clades. The Dry Empire has since then participated in interstellar politics at high toposophic levels, in general taking an expansionist position not favoring the major empires. Many Dry Empire settlements exist across the Wormhole Nexus.
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    Cultures whose importance, size or power is not readily apparent to a given group of observers. For instance for most human nearbaseline observers the Silicon Generation, the Dry Empire and the Backgrounders were iceberg cultures, especially earlier in their histories.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 October 2001.