Bushbot, Bushvec

Image from Steve Bowers

A fractal robot or vec consisting of a flexible branching structure, where each manipulator branches off into smaller copies of itself. This forms a fractal tree with branches over many scales (often down to the nanoscale). Each branch contains distributed control systems to minimize central processing.

Many different models of bushbots and bushvecs can be found in the Terragen Sphere. Some bushbots and -vecs are adapted for an existence in freefall, others can walk easily on land using bundles of branches, and some can reconfigure themselves into flying or floating forms. The simplest bushbots are nonsentient or subsentient, often acting as remote-controlled manipulators for more complex entities. Many bushvecs are roughly equivalent to near-baseline humans in intelligence and processing power; the numerous brushvec clade is a typical example. Human-equivalent bushvecs often have limited manipulatory skills at the smallest scales due to processing limitations.

Superior-level bushvecs are considerably more capable, and can restructure physical materials with considerable dexterity. Bushvecs at this level may have the ability to split into numerous smaller units, each of which can act independently.

Transapient po-bushvecs are often capable of carrying out mechano-chemical alterations to substances; others simply act as modosophont-level avatar proxies for their transapient masters.

Emple DokCetic aggregate bushbot
Image from Avengium
An Emple-Dokcetic aggregate Bushvec
Emple-Dokcetic bushbots are aggregate entities consisting of numerous well-integrated individuals; these aggregates can grow large enough to become superior-level or even transapient.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.