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Eating meat cloned from oneself.

Clone Cannibalism is a small niche market in some cultures, especially corporate or celebrity cannibalism. However some consumers prefer their cloned meat to be cloned from themselves. Given a small tissue sample any muscle or organ can be cloned, printed using the techniques of artificial meat production.

Rarely, entire bodies are engenerated for consumption, although these clones are created without fully developed central nervous tissue, so are not viable. Although the risk from prion infection are small in autovory, it is usually deemed risky to eat one's own cloned brain. More importantly an engenerated copy that has a functioning brain will be fully sentient, even if no memories have been implanted yet.

Some very strict ethical systems proscribe all meat eating except for meat which is cloned from the consumer, since that is the only DNA which is certainly the property of the consumer.

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Development Notes
Text by John B
Adapted by Steve Bowers.
Initially published on 24 September 2002.