A biological organism asexually reproduced or bionanonically copied from another cell or genome or a template thereof. A clone is genetically identical to its original (sometimes called the alpha or prime).

Many hereditary houses such as House Stevens require a cloned fragment of the sacred genome to be retained in all members, as a sign of authenticity and to represent the Sacred Geneline.

Members of Clade Parthene are able to reproduce parthenogenically at will, so that the offspring, which are all female, are exact genetic copies of their mothers.

It should be noted that clones do not inherit any of the acquired characteristics or memories of the original. Using neurotechnology it is possible to copy or 'upload' the memories and personality of the original; the resulting data can be used to create an uploaded copy of the original, generally called an upload or copy. It is possible to download such a copy into a cloned body using so-called engenerator technology.
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Initially published on 24 September 2001.