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Meta-memeticity / methodology developed by Diamond Network AI, possibly during the later First Federation period. It involves creating a novel methodology and area of knowledge, usually by adapting or mimicking other methodologies and fields, but sometimes by formulating a completely new system. Most methodologies involve dense and obscure ontologies, incomprehensible even to other ai. While some automethodologies are actively parasitic on established knowledge-formats, others simply mimic, without doing any harm.

Automethodologising spread to the Sephirotic empires during the Empires period, where it quickly became established throughout much of the civilized galaxy, even being adopted by simple sapient bionts and vecs, especially in some of the old university worlds.

Some sephirotics, especially the Negentropy Alliance, take a dim view of automethodologising, seeing it as a ridiculous waste of information that can only encourage entropy by polluting genuine knowledge-systems. Others, like the MPA, Zoeific Biopolity and the Terragen Federation, like to play around with some of the really strange automethodologies, composing long (often up to 10 terabytes) treatises. The NoCoZo has even constructed an automethodology module that for a small fee will allow even the most dimwitted baseline to create dazzling but useless methodologies that will befuddle even a second singularity mind (well, so the advertising material says). During the late Age of Separate Empires (around 6600-6700) deliberately hyperobscure automethodologies were used by the Disarchy as part of their guerrilla "Prank War" against the Negentropy Alliance, this continued well into the 7100s. Even today there are in parts of the Crucis Corridor - especially certain more autonomous worlds in the NoCoNeg and Disarchy volumes - polities where turgid and academically parasitic automethodologies are maintained with pride, and as a symbol of patriotic protest.

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