Automethodologyvert 53

OA Scene 18
Image from Keith Wigdor

Among the most pernicious of the automethodologybots was the automethodologyvert53 series, developed as a prank by Disarchy radicals in the early 6900s, using the (in)famous Cochofo Madvert engine.

The automethodologyvert will subtly insinuate itself into genuine media, and then subliminally infect almost any modosophont accessing that material, causing em to adopt useless jargon and intellectualism (drawn from a large (10e15 bytes) database of automethodologies. The 'vert is so subtle in its workings that neither the victim nor eir friends and loved ones, know what is happening until too late, and even hyperturings have to invest wasteful amounts of processing power to track any infection. A cure requires a long course of memetic therapy and neuronal bio- or hylo-nano. While rarely found in the Civilized Galaxy now (the antinfector is widely distributed and standard in all immunemetics) - it is still found in chronic epidemics in some more isolated polities where, lacking access to high tech countermemetics, entire worlds have been subverted and spend their time in useless debate and intellectual deconstruction.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 November 2001.