Spin Them Blades
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The Transmutation of elements is possible using various high tech devices, most of which involve very high levels of energy and extreme physical conditions. The most widespread form of transmutation is artificially induced fusion, which requires extremes of temperature and pressure, conditions which are found in Deep Well Industrial Zones located around black holes created for the purpose. Transmutation also occurs in monopole-catalysed conversion drives and conversion weapons.

Other forms of Alchemics involve the use of clarketech to directly manipulate the strong and weak nuclear forces within atoms, achieving in many cases fission and fusion reactions that do not occur in nature. The basic theory was developed as early as the Information Age (twenty-first century c.e. / 1st to 2nd century AT.), but the practical technology did not become widely available to modosophont societies until several transapientech artifacts were obtained or discovered during the early Empires period.

Although the technology is used in many applications, some of the more exotic subatomic and subquantum developments remain dependent on clarketech gifts or relics. It is suspected that some alchemical clarktech uses magmatter technology, devices constructed on subatomic scales from magatoms.

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Text by Todd Drashner, Michael Beck, M. Alan Kazlev
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Initially published on 31 December 2001.