Against a Diamond Sky
On behalf of the authors, artists, members, and 'staff' of the Orion's Arm Universe Project, we are very excited and happy to announce the publication of our new book:

Against a Diamond Sky - Cover

Against a Diamond Sky 2
Image from Bernd Helfert
Against a Diamond Sky - Tales from Orion's Arm - Vol 1

Against a Diamond Sky is a collection of 5 original novellas set in the Orion's Arm Universe.

It is currently available through various booksellers including Barnes & Noble, Amazon (paperback or Kindle) and in PDF format.


Stories included;

Heaven's Door by Michele Dutcher
Michele Dutcher shows us a snapshot of the early days of the Dark Age.

Diversion Tactics by Steve Bowers
In a colony system at the edge of the dying Federation, people struggle just to stay out from under foot as the transapients begin to move to fill the power vacuum left behind.

Parameter Space by Graham Hopgood
In a conflict between transapients, human-level minds are merely pawns, and the most basic of human drives must fight to survive even passing contact with god-like power.

The Devoted Follower by Darren Ryding
Sometimes a broken civilization may fix itself. Sometimes it may get a

Apotheosis by Kevin Schillo
Like their predecessors, the rising new gods were diverse, vastly powerful, and beyond the comprehension of ordinary beings. If you can't beat'em...

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