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After Tranquility — Orion's Arm Short Fiction

After Tranquility
Image from Arik

The winning stories from the 2011/12 Short Fiction Contest are now published as After Tranquility.

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Against A Diamond Sky — Orion's Arm Novellas

Against a Diamond Sky 2
Image from Bernd Helfert

The winning stories from the 2008 Novella Writing Contest are now published as Against A Diamond Sky.

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Betrayals — An Orion's Arm Novel

by Steve Bowers

Image from Steve Bowers

Life in the artificial colonies of Beta Sagittarius is comfortable and safe; so why is someone trying to kill the Blessed Dolphin? Why are scout ships searching the massive Oort cloud? And where does Auguste Gienah fit into it all? Wherever the investigation scratches away the surface, there is revealed a tangled web of lies and Betrayals...

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Ocean Untamed

by Remy Zins

Ocean Untamed
Image from Remy Zins

Odys is hitting rock bottom. Or so he believes. Trapped in an airlock between Europa's merciless ocean and a pack of vicious cyborgs he has just inadvertently helped ripping off, suicide suddenly seems like a viable option. These disfigured savages will stop at nothing to recover the package he's been trying to escape with. And they are vengeful. Even his Shaolin training won't help him out of this one.

When a strange creature offers to help him, he embarks on a tough journey back to civilization...

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The Prequel short story, Flamingo Gambits is now available at Smashwords as well!

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Traveller's Notes - A Modest Proposal

by Todd Drashner

modest proposal
Image from Steve Bowers

An interstellar wanderer is offered the chance to visit a place stranger and possibly more dangerous than any he has yet seen.

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Works Inspired by Orion's Arm

Outrunning The Storm

by Michele Dutcher

Outrunning the Storm
Image from Steve Bowers

Two men will rise: Jonathan Boyles - a quiet, NASA computer programmer; and William Floke — a con man/messiah raised on the plaque rotted surface of Mars. Baseline humans, clones, AIs, and tweaks will compete to claim their place in a social order ruled over by super-corporations. Eventually the children of the programmer and the messiah will meet on Ross 128-4 to do battle and open the gate.

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