How a Baseline Beat a Transap
Human, she was human so incredibly human, and yet she beat me. She was so incredibly human, no DNI, no cyborg-implants, no bio-borg additions, no gene tweaking. She evaded every detection, defeated every counter measure, overcame every obstacle I placed in the way.

How human she was should have been my first clue, you see they are not like our usual mechanical avatars, they have ranges of various systems such as blood pressure a human with values between upper and lower is healthy. She was exactly in the middle of everything we tested. The perfectly average human, that should have been my first clue.

My second came when she arrived at customs they, stopped her they couldn't communicate. Of course not no DNI. Everything had to go through her symatioc Brushbot, e could link to us and provide speech in her range.

E explained e had been there on dilmurn when the guardians had removed her for her experiments, yes she was smart for a baseline but no superturing like eim. Of course I linked into the brushbot, their was no ulterior motives, no inaccessible memories, e just wanted to care for her in this modern world, e had abandoned much of eis own power source and relied on her for most of eis locomotion. An ever present guardian bringing the girl into this world. So dedicated, I feel so sorry for eim. One of the translations should have been a clue, flicking her long green hair (dye not even illuminated patches would suit this Luddite) she said "I'm Bobbete but call me Bob." Arggh. 'Baseline Bob',she was a baseline called Bob! How did I miss that clue? It was so like em, e always said I'm not well read enough all round in my subselves.

She picked the data cube up in the museum, she had been trained well. Of course no one suspected the dumb baseline, they were just the type to pick up the shabby curios the local modos like to sell. The weight was off, the spectrometry was wrong, the polarisation was stupid. She lacked the senses to percive these flaws they thought, little did they suspect she had concealed the original (some modos call it the 'holy of holies' haha) and some random objects inside one of the shabby curios. If they had checked instead of laughing they would have seen it was worse than most replicas.

I feel so sorry for the vec, when from their ship e sent the first distress call, asking for a sophontware counsellor to beamed aboard, to treat the poor baseline e had been friend to for 5 years and syamiote for another ten for her madness. E could not have comprehended what she was becoming, I realised what had happened when I got the transmission and sent a ship post-haste with instructions to surrender the usual few grams of anti-matter and offer the vec a new home.

By the time the ship had arrived the poor vec was terrified, some technology had been hidden in the ship she had reintegrated with the transap she had come from and the e realised eir entire life had been a lie, e was a construct to decisive me and conceal her true nature, the sham over e was surplus to requirements. I knew e would be treated well, but my 'deductive telepathy modelling' showed e would not believe it emself, e would not be happy with er creator. E will be arriving shortly, I'd like you to help find em something productive and fulfilling to do and help him over the grief.

I have to figure out how to get that darn data cube back , I'm going to link into a few of the pterrodon-bots and fly about, seeing the land spread far above and below and the perpendicular trees crowded around the river 'up' the hab's 'walls' always calms me down.

What I want to know is why if 'we' are 'copied' from the same mind is why my 'clone-sibling' is so much better at this 'ruddy' 'game' than I am?
The above monologue has been adapted for modosophont consumption from an excerpt of Jovan's 'monolouge' to eir 'child'. Some concepts and words have been simplified. Words in quotes represent those were extreme substitutions are made for sake of comprehension

By kch49er (2013)

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