Voices: Future Tense - #25

We Can Reach Any Star

V:FT - Issue 25
Image from Ron Bennett

After due consideration, it has been decided to continue creating Voices:Future Tense using the Orion's Arm Content Management System. Due to this change, V:FT will temporarily appear inside the Orion's Arm website while its new pages are being created. Ultimately, our goal is to move all issues of V:FT, past and present, to a new home that will better serve our members and fans. Thank you for your patience (and please pardon our construction dust) while we make this exciting change.

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Now Available!! - After Tranquility: Tales from Orion's Arm Vol 2

The 2013 Best of the Year Awards

Special Call for Submissions - Spring Issue

Call for Submissions

Short Stories:

How a Baseline Beat a Transap - by Kch49er

Vagabond 7 - by Adam Getchell


Light Headed - by Richard Tornello

A Day in the Life

In the Garden on Eden

Book Reviews:

The Greatship by Robert Reed

From the Encyclopedia Galactica:

The Cronosians

Real Life But OA Relevant


In the OA we have a passing mention of "electromoss." [It's brief but it's there.] Well, real life is catching up on us...

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Nanomotor in Human Cells

Cellular-scale motors have been produced and introduced into human cells.

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