Final Cosmic Eating Establishment, The
The restaurant at the end of the universe
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Void Organisms consuming a meal of stars within the cybercosm
The Final Cosmic Eating Establishment is a cybercosm in the Groombridge 34 system that allows virtual beings uploaded into it to ((taste)) the flavors from a simulation of one possible (though unlikely) end of the universe, following the path of collapse into a "Big Crunch". A creation by S3 transapient Hastur Triple Fire over the course of ten days in 7894, it is considered by many, but not all visitors, to be a work of perfect art even to many S2 entities. The primary draw of the virtual universe to the general public has been the unique way that beings who enter it allow the setting to adjust their minds to find the world pleasing on a structural and emotional level at a scale nearly impossible for most modosophonts to comprehend. The minds and avatars of visitors are rewired to live life as "void organisms" who "consume the ending heat and savor the taste of the final neutron stars and black holes, taste dark matter, and dine upon the virtual heavens as they collapse". Installing a variety of senses whose closest equivalent is ((taste)) in biological sophonts allows these visitors to "comprehend the cosmos beyond and within themselves like no other setting".
Whether minds exiting the simulation can actually give real world equivalents to the flavors they taste there has yet to be proven for the modosophont public, due to the near-intractable difficulty of translating the subjective feelings without copying the requisite (trademarked) mental components. Several associated fan-built virtual worlds have claimed to re-create aspects of the experiences without breaking legal restrictions, enough to independently prove that the virtual stars do in fact have the equivalent of some type of flavor/textures, which can at least be translated consistently within several hundred mind types.

Many groups have managed to allow some virtual sophonts to experience sunlight in the matterworld, or certain cosmic phenomena, as something akin to what a biological sophont experiences as a taste sense. However, most visitors to The Final Cosmic Eating Establishment have preferred the official eating establishment virtual world due to the notorious possibilities of consuming stars in a way that, according to many reviews, "truly communicates the feeling of scale of stellar engines collapsing into a terminal singularity while still allowing the otherwise impossible ability to eat each step of the process the way a meat-creature would eat a ripe fruit, but which carry the flavors of exactly how a galaxy of stars somehow *should taste* throughout its life cycle" (closest translation possible). Several groups of S1 and S2 visitors have reported "relishing the flavor of the wave of Star formation when galaxies collide together and the ((untranslatable)) spice of blueshift extending through the cybercosm in the accelerated time progression".

Various S2 transapients have waxed poetic or assured the modosophont public that the experiences are deeply novel and authentic while still refusing to elaborate on how the experiences were created or achieved at this scale.

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Initially published on 08 November 2023.