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Annihilationism is the philosophical belief that the universe must be annihilated - that is, erased entirely, leaving no existence at all. Modosophonts sometimes conflate annihilationism with existential nihilism (the belief that existence has no meaning) or moral nihilism (the belief that there is no right or wrong). However, many Terragen philosophers consider annihilationism an extreme, action-oriented form of metaphysical nihilism (the belief that nothing exists). Reasons for affirming and perpetuating annihilationism include the thought that the universe will never be perfect enough, that the universe is inherently violent, that the universe is illogical, that the universe is too effusive - and at least 24,517 other documented rationales. How annihilationists intend to accomplish meontology (or non-existence) varies wildly from thought circle to thought circle. How annihilationists intend to verify meontology once it occurs also similarly varies.

Annihilationism has been a very minor philosophical school throughout Terragen history. Many Negentropists find it abhorrent, as do Zoeticists. Many adherents of Solarism find it baffling, while MPA residents typically find it humorous. Some mykulturists have described it as the result of solipsism taken to extremes ('the ultimate act of selfishness'). Nevertheless, it does flourish in certain cultural spheres. Some Hider polities take annihilationism seriously (and these are monitored by Sephirotic polities, when possible), and it is accepted as a dynamic and perhaps even persuasive component of the philosophical combat / sport that the xenosophont Cthonids cherish.

Some theorists suspect that Annihilationism may have practical applications in the real universe - certain godtech weapons such as Thunderbolts appear to operate by causing parts of the space-time metric to cease to exist, and a number of (highly speculative) methods of faster-than-light propulsion have been proposed that use similar concepts. However none of this speculation can be confirmed using modosophont-level physical theory, and opponents of these ideas are convinced that applied annihilationism is likely to be extremely hazardous.
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