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The waterworld Rengood and its fortress moon, Baolai; when the Negentropist Fifth Fleet finally neutralised the moon's weapons, the waterworld was left defenseless.

Star HD 193275
Type G0V
Luminosity 0.79 X SOL
Distance from Sol 195LY
Constellation: Aquila
RA 20h19m45.86s
Dec -08°27'12.0"
Gal xyz 145.91, 103.50, -77.60
Colonised 2681

Cyberian Water World in Aquila. The deep ocean acts as an efficient heatsink for the local processing nodes.

In the run up to the Version War, this world was source of a number of aggressive viruses promulgating the Concord Ontology. Although the famous network infiltrator Orintergen may have initiated these attacks, when this world was attacked and subdued by the Negentropist Fifth Fleet in 4471 AT, Orintergen was nowhere to be found.

This attack by the Revisonist faction galvanised the Standardisation side, strengthening Metasoft and NoCoZo opposition to the Dominion and Negentropy Alliance forces.

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Initially published on 18 May 2017.