Cyberia infiltrator AI

Image from Anders Sandberg

The origin of Orintergen is unknown, surrounded by numerous myths. Since Orintergen is famous for its deceptions many are likely created by itself. The first somewhat reliable references to it occur in 2010 A.T., when it was involved in the famous subversion of the Eluao II-3 automated detention unit Tyrenia. Occasional references persist until the Version War, when numerous copies of the AI acted openly. It is most famous for the 4496 Mithras coup, where it succeeded in defeating the Dominion systems systemwide. During the aftermath of the war, most of the divergent copies of the AI migrated to Fata Morgana where they either merged or archived themselves. It is generally believed that several copies are still partially controlling the Fata Morgana networks, possibly under extensive layered pseudonyms. There have been known sightings in the NoCoZo and Dominion, as well as numerous rumours of its activities.

Orintergen is perhaps the most famous Cyberia AI, a hero to network infiltrator and infowar entities across known space. In the rare documented contacts the AI has shown a bewildering diversity in apparent personalities and stated goals, but a consistent factor appears to be a sense of curiosity, humour and ambition. Given the apparent simplicity of the personality template some aiologists have claimed Orintergen shows sign of being a very early AI, many times upgraded but still retaining a basic motivational system reminiscent of a 2nd century infiltration tool such as the Jupiter Comeback series. Critics have pointed out that this could of course be another level of mythbuilding or misdirection, and that at least one of the responsible analyses could have been manufactured by the AI itself.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 15 October 2000.