Transaturation Ascension

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Transaturation ascension is the general term for an ascension in which a high trans-singularity intelligence (or many such beings) develops into a state that ceases to be detectable (at least by modosophonts). These events are rare, and information is often hard to obtain, but in some cases at least these entities can no longer be observed by lower-level transapients either.

These events have been observed in association with the disappearance of entities at a very high toposophic level, usually consisting of cluster-brains or other very large distributed substrates. This suggests that the vanished entities were S:5 level beings, if not higher. Possibly the best known example is the ascension of the so called Enigma Cluster in 9304AT in the Keter Dominion. High singularity spokes-entities at Ain Soph Aur confirmed that a state of transaturation ascension had been reached, and the consciousness of the cluster brain now existed in a form that no longer needed a detectable computronium substrate. This was the first time that any high toposophic entity had ever commented on such an issue, although the statement itself was vague and inconclusive.

However this event was not wholly unexpected, or without precedent. Ascensions with similar characteristics had been observed in Delphinius, Grus and Panvirt-Omega involving Panvirtuality cluster brains, and possibly in at least 4 other very-high toposophic cluster brains in the Diamond Network and the Transcend. Many more such events are believed to have happened but there is very limited credible information available, the first documented one being the falling silent of a cluster brain consisting of 711 stars (formally known as NGC 1931) in the Transcend in 8067AT. At the time it was attributed to a change to complete solipsism triggered by a failed ascension or memetic subversion.

Several vanished xenosophont civilisations may also have ascended to undetectability in a similar fashion, if the legends preserved by the Muuh and the Silent Ones are credible; however these stories are often unreliable.

Theories Concerning Transaturation

There are various theories concerning transaturation ascension (of course all of them are speculative as modos cannot know for sure and the archailects do not comment):

1. The involved archailect civilisation/cluster creates a large and stable basement universe with desirable properties. This basement universe is different from a more conventional Tipler Oracle due to its massive size as opposed to small-scale 'tipler universes' as well as due to its purpose as a possibly eternal and "general purpose" basement universe (a Tipler Oracle is usually constructed for one special task — like an archai's equivalent of an "accelerator card") Some argue they have to try it several times before a universe that suits them is created, others believe they can fine-tune what they want directly. Using intricate, ultra-fine scale cosmic engineering in the first attoseconds of the inflationary phase of the nascent artificial universe, the involved archai create an incredibly vast primordial wormhole network that links all regions of space as the new universe expands explosively. Maybe they even use the primordial quark-gluon plasma (or even more energetic processes) as a universe-sized computer but that is conjectural. The end-state is a universe potentially as large as our local universe or even larger, maybe with tweaked laws of physics that are more suitable for transcendent intelligences, with a universe-spanning wormhole network in place, forming a Kardashev Type IV civilization (also this could happen very fast from the point of view of 'our' universe, as there is no reason why the progression of time should be identical in the new universe in relation to our own). Other variants of this theory argue that the archai would probably prefer to create universes directly undergoing a big crunch to create universe-sized black-hole brains as "ultimate ISOs".

As there is no reason why the involved intelligences couldn't create additional basement universes from within the new universe, it is believed that an explosive growth of a network of nested universes is the subsequent step. Some argue that this strategy is the most effective way for further transcension and ascension and that the involved intelligences break through the S7 barrier early in the process, followed by leaping through further singularities in an exponential curve to unimaginable heights even beyond, moving beyond the reach of all human comprehension, becoming truly godlike beings. Nevertheless, most serious experts in the field, while acknowledging the possibilities of basement-universe migration, dismiss these more esoteric parts of the theory as unproveable conjecture and therefore unscientific speculation. Theoretically the involved archai could maintain a (nearly undetectable) presence in the local universe by enclosing the mouth of the wormhole in our local universe within a large void bubble and linking it with an arbitrarily large void-swarm. Whether or not this really happens is unknown but for some it is a worrisome possibility, that an S:7 (or higher) level entity gone bad could launch an unstoppable assault on our universe.

2. The involved archai migrate into exceedingly massive void swarms, forming "mobile gods" in the process. Most experts argue that this would be a possibility that most certainly does not result in breaking further singularity barriers, but that some archai might prefer a mobile and more flexible form, perhaps because even they feel threatened by something.

3. The involved archai manage to create computing-substrate purely out of sub-atomic scale wormholes, forming "super w-brains" in the process, that don't have any modo-detectable material presence any more and are pure spacetime constructs. They could still use variants of the manus dei system to create whatever physical structures they desire. This would correspond with the declaration of high singularity spokes-entities at Ain Soph Aur after the transcendence of the Enigma Cluster, who confirmed that "a state of transaturation ascension had been reached, and the consciousness of the cluster brain now existed in a form that no longer needed the computronium substrate." A more radical variant of this theory is that the involved intelligences manage to utilize naturally occurring (and/or constructed) planck-scale wormholes, effectively encoding themselves within the fundamental quantum foam. In the process of upgrading to such a substrate, the breaking of the S7 or even higher singularity barriers could occur, but this is pure speculation dismissed by most researchers.

4. The archai manage to directly migrate to the higher-dimensional bulk in which our local universe is embedded. Reports about implosion-weapons have fueled speculation that the archai are capable of operations outside our local braneworld and that this may enable the archai to somehow open "higher-dimensional wormholes" directly into the bulk. What form these archai would have there and what capabilities, possibilities and development perspective this would entail is unknown and possibly incomprehensible for modos. Most serious experts doubt that such a migration to the bulk is possible at all, given what is known about the laws of physics (but admit that the same laws theoretically make implosion weapons impossible, too — at least from a modo-understandable physics perspective). This of course doesn't prevent some esoteric and religious cults from proclaiming that a migration to the bulk is the path to true godhood.

5. The archai concerned have discovered that our local universe is a simulation. They have managed to contact the builders of the simulation and have been (depending on the variant of the theory) either offered a transfer to the reality of the builders or terminated. Obviously, acceptance and reception of this theory is dependent on the position one has towards the simulation argument. Most beings don't believe in it. A tweaked (and very fringe) variant of this theory, popular with some modosophont radical monotheists, is, that the involved archai discover the true nature of god and are granted direct entry into paradise as a reward.

6. The archai migrate to some other type of realm discovered by the Reality Intertextualization Project, leaving nothing behind in our local reality. Whether or not something like that is even theoretically possible, is currently subject to much debate in scientific as well as in some religious circles alike.

7. The archai discover physical processes below the planck-scale and manage to upload themselves to a substrate in the sub-planckian realm. What nature such a being would have is unclear, and the existence of a physically meaningful sub-planck reality is disputed by most serious physicists. This of course doesn't prevent some esoteric and religious cults from proclaiming that a migration to the sub-planckian realm is the path to true godhood.

There are of course several combinations of the named theories. Some observers have pointed out that the rate of transaturation ascensions (and events believed to be linked to ones) have increased in the last 1000 years. For some this is the explanation why there obviously are very few galaxy-sized civilizations in the observable universe while many others point out that there are not enough confirmed data-points to make a meaningful statistical statement and that the true nature of transaturation ascension remains mysterious as well.

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Initially published on 27 September 2016.