Muuh Bot

Biological robots used by the alien Muuh

Muuh Bot
Image from Steve Bowers

Many Muuh cultures utilise macroscale biotechnology to build and maintain their infrastructure. One common manifestation of this technology is the Muuh Bot, a class of presapient biobot used by the Muuh for a wide range of purposes. These devices perform a broad range of tasks but have almost no autonomy so must be given very precise instructions; because of an ancient taboo in Muuh culture, self-aware devices are apparently never constructed. These bots are grown from seeds that are kept in repositories in Muuh villages, and when the bot has completed its task it is generally recycled.

Muuh bots come in many diverse types, some of which do not appear to have changed for many millions of years. Even the newest designs are tens of thousands of years old. Some Muuh Bots are capable of operating in environments which are dangerous or deadly to Muuh, and some are used as messenger devices, including for communicating with Terragen representatives.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 14 June 2016.