Muuh Pylons

Enigmatic objects created by automated Muuh systems

Pylon Fragment
Image from Steve Bowers
A fragment of a Muuh Pylon discovered embedded in the small icy world YTS 99325-2710

Composed of diamondoid and covered by a thin mesh of magmatter, these enigmatic pylons are perhaps the most iconic structures created by the automated Muuh colonisation devices known as Muuhformers. The Muuh do not currently seem to possess any technology capable of manufacturing magmatter, so the origin of this exotic material is unknown. It may have been acquired at some time in the long history of this race, or perhaps manufactured in some location that has not yet been identified.

Pylons are always created by the automated system at the end of its period of activity, when the world is fully habitable. These structures are, without exception, completely ignored by the Muuh. In fact when questioned the Muuh appear to be completely ignorant of the structure several hundred kilometers long in their star system and will refuse to acknowledge them or discuss them even when shown direct evidence. This behavior is consistent even among very distant and isolated Muuh colonies, suggesting something that goes beyond mere memetics.

The automated Muuh defence system known as the System of Response prevents any closer inspection of the Pylons. However, several fragments of structures presumed to have once been part of Pylons have been discovered in several locations in the Terragen Sphere. These fragments contain an intricate fractal-like patterns and structures resembling three-dimensional projections of higher dimensional objects. As with the pylons, the Muuh remain silent about these, and appear strangely distracted and forgetful if a non-Muuh attempts to engage them in conversation on the topic.

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Text by Dalex
Initially published on 31 August 2014.