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An interstellar spacecraft created by the Muuh from an icy object such as a comet. The maximum velocity of these ships rarely exceeds 1% of light speed; the slowest ships travel at a velocity only slightly above the escape velocity of the originating system. The Muuh have very slow metabolisms and long lifespans, so they can afford to wait while these slow craft travel between the stars. For fuel the ice ships use fusion of various kinds, or sometimes antimatter boosted fusion.

Muuh antimatter creation is a very slow process, converting magnetic energy, geothermal power or wind power into antimatter in particle accelerators, the design of which has apparently not changed in millions of years.

The motors are clustered together behind the ice object, which provides both fuel and propellant. These motors are angled to avoid the central tether, a very strong carbon nanotube thread plated with a metallic sheath to reduce erosion. Trailing some way behind the motors is a radiation shield, a hollow tungsten block filled with ice.

At the far end of the tether is a Muuh habitat, a simple cylinder filled with ices, nutrients and accommodation for the Muuh crew, who spend most of the journey in a state of low activity.

Muuh ice ship
Image from Steve Bowers
Muuh Ice Ship 2
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 21 January 2009.

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